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YEW BIOTECH - Commitment For HealthCare

We provide PCD pharma Monopoly / Franchise Marketing rights for our products to our small and medium Distributors (Entrepreneurs) in India.

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About Us

Yew Biotech is a integrated franchise (PCD) pharmaceutical company. Yew Biotech is a leading player in the franchise business in the country. We have approximately 350+ products, which is probably the largest range of product by a company in the country. Yew Biotechhas a significant presence in brands across all therapeutic segment like from cough & cold to life threatening (PCD) pharmaceutical Company in serious diseases. We provide product range for all specialties of doctor i.e.. from G.P to Super Specialties in India.

It is the fastest growing company in the country and has robust plan for New brand to be introduced very soon . It has G.M.P certified manufacturing facilities which are approved by several regulatory bodies. There planes for R&D centre are also in place. Yew Biotech is the largest selling and most respected Franchise

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